Big Apple Farm Store

The Big Apple
207 Arnold St
Wrentham, Ma

2018 Season

See HOURS for times

We take great pride in the quality of our produce
Raised fresh on our 200 acre farm
Family owned since 1950



Cash & Checks ONLY
Sorry no Credit Cards accepted
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The Apple Grader is responsible for washing, drying, polishing and sorting the apples by weight onto bagging tables. First the apples are dumped into a washing tank and then pulled onto the conveyor belt as they rise to the surface. Next they move along the belt where they are dried and polished on special screw shaped brushes. Then each apple lands in a weight sensitive cup on the conveyor belt. The apples now travel along in their cups and are released onto the appropriate grading table that is in their  weight range.  Workers then separate the "firsts" from the "seconds" and place the apples carefully into bags. The bags are then put onto the shelves for The Big Apple customers. 
Everyone loves watching this process from our viewing platform. 

Apple Bath Brushes polish apples  Apples travel to sorting tables  Sorting Tables  Bagged apples for sale

    The tractor is used to transport the crates of picked fruit to the Apple Grader and to pull wagon rides through the orchards.

More Tractors

Tractor bringing apple bins  Tractor for wagon ride
Donut RobotDonut are ready
THE DONUT MACHINE (or Donut Robot)
The Donut Robot rotates and automatically drops donut shaped dough into the oil below every few seconds. As the donuts cook they proceed to the conveyor ramp which allows them to drain, dry and fall into the catching tray ready to be sold in the store. Be sure to look for our bakery viewing window, you may see us making Apple Crisp, dipping Caramel Apples or see this old fashioned but amazing machine in action.

    All our Candy Apples are hand-dipped in our kitchen. First we mix the ingredients and heat it to 290 degrees. Then each apple is quickly dipped and turned to coat all sides. As the apple is removed it is twirled to create an even coating. It is then dried on wax paper. Finally the Candy Apple is wrapped up ready for eating.

  Dipping candy apples   Twirling newly coated candy apple

Loading apples on the peeler   Apple slices exit peeling machine


This machine performs three functions: peeling, coring and slicing. Apples are loaded by hand onto 2 cups. Instantly the machine peels and cores them, discards the cores below and moves the apples to the slicing side. Next the apples are guided into a cylinder which cuts them into slices ready for bagging. The slices are then used to make apple pies or apple crisp. This incredible machine can peel, core and slice 32 apples per minute!!!